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My name is Rachel Burlock. I’m the owner of  Feisty Finance, and a financial coach, the mother of two lively school-aged kids, a wife, a successful serial entrepreneur, an avid gamer, a linguist, a mystic, and a singer-songwriter.



Over the past twenty years, I’ve worked (at various points, not all at once!) as a United Methodist pastor, medical interpreter, burrito engineer, Radio Shack manager, equity analyst, office manager, professional musician, and now – as a financial coach at Feisty Finance.

For specific details on my work experience and qualifications go to LinkedIn, or download my resume. If you wonder what kind of music a financial coach makes, you can listen to that here.



My financial experience has been complex. Here is some of the good, the bad, and the ugly:

  • I’ve dug myself into debt that trashed my credit — twice...

  • ...and I’ve rebuilt my credit, twice, and then qualified for a mortgage.

  • Burdened by debt and low, variable income, I've been eligible for, and used, benefits like food stamps, Medicaid and WIC.

  • Three of the four businesses I've started are still in operation, thanks to the lessons I learned when the first one didn't work out.

  • I’ve written, recorded, produced and released an album of original songs, crowdfunding my way to a final product.

  • I’ve worked for corporations, small businesses, and as an independent contractor.

  • I've studied for and passed the first level of the CFA exam, passed the FINRA Series 65 exam, and  improved my understanding of the financial ecosystem with every new position I've worked.

All of this experience and training has taught me what TO do and what NOT to do if you really want to use money wisely.


I’ve learned many lessons over the course of my life – many of them the hard way.


I know how our financial system works, and how to chart the best course through its turbulent, not-user-friendly labyrinth of rules, regulations, and paperwork. I've learned what to avoid and what to plan for, and can help you with financial beliefs, systems, and strategies that will both empower you and help you succeed. 

Financial Coaching is my Passion!


Financial coaching at Feisty Finance is where my personal, professional and financial journeys have finally come together. Coaching is something I do well and finances are truly something I understand.


It is wonderful to know I can help clients build a better future and avoid some hard knocks by providing financial insight and helping them develop critical financial skills. What gets me energized in the morning is helping people become more comfortable, knowledgeable, and empowered about their money.


Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation, and learn more about which of the Feisty Finance Coaching services would be best for you.

"Rachel is so easy to consult with. — A terrific help! Getting financial coaching was like working on a project with a true friend. There was no judgement, just a LOT of assistance and reassurance while I regrouped and set up systems after my husband passed away. Thank you!"

Susan B., Retiree, Concord

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